M’sian finds RM400 million (S$114.3 million) wrongly credited to Maybank account

Suddenly a millionaire.

Hannah Martens | December 01, 2023, 01:12 PM



A Malaysian woman discovered that she had RM400,040,404.04 (S$114,405,276.35) in her personal Maybank account due to a glitch, but she wasn't happy about it.

In her LinkedIn post on Nov. 30, Hafidzah Abdullah penned a letter to Maybank, stating that she appreciated them making her banking experience "memorable." Still, the glitch "took it a little too far".

"You'd think I hit the lottery right?"

Unfortunately, Maybank blocked her account.

She detailed that Maybank did not notify her about her blocked account. To unlock her account, she had to visit the nearest Maybank branch, where the staff called customer service to reverse the process.

The process "took forever", even though she didn't make her mistake.

She joked that visiting Maybank became her "new daily exercise routine" as her personal account was blocked and her company's account was unusable as the SECURE2U digital token function was supposedly not working.

"They say money can't buy happiness, but Maybank knows how to buy frustration. Three days of Maybank glitches during salary payout period is like a comedy of errors that no one finds funny," she quipped.

Screenshot via LinkedIn

Photo by Hafidzah Abdullah

Commenters share their bad experiences with Maybank

Some commenters shared their bad experiences with Maybank, while others joked about her situation.

Screenshot via LinkedIn

Screenshot via LinkedIn

Maybank's Head Group Customer Experience Management also replied to Hafidzah in the comment section to help her resolve the issue.

Hafidzah also confirmed that her problem was resolved and that she could access her personal and company accounts.

Maybank told Mothership that "it was a system error that was resolved and acknowledged by the customer".

"It was not a system wide issue and the customer account was not compromised."

Screenshot via LinkedIn

Screenshot via LinkedIn

Top photo via Hafidzah Abdullah/LinkedIn