Woman adds extra cheese for 2 burgers from McDonald's Woodlands Mart, finds cheese stuck atop buns instead

Cheese burger.

Ashley Tan | December 01, 2023, 02:58 PM



One woman in Singapore was eagerly looking forward to her McSpicy meal after a hard day of work.

The woman, who prefers to remain anonymous, told Mothership that she had made the order via McDelivery from McDonald's Woodlands Mart on Nov. 28.

The spread included a McSpicy meal, a double Mcspicy meal and a nugget meal for her and her family.

Add cheese

However, the sight that greeted her when she finally unboxed her meal left much to be desired.

The woman had added extra cheese to both burgers — McSpicy burgers typically do not include cheese.

Photo from Mothership reader

The cheese was certainly added, but not inside the burger.

What she found instead was cheese supposedly plastered to the top of the buns for not one, but both burgers.

Photo from Mothership reader

Some of the cheese was stuck to the lid of the box, making for a rather messy sight.

Photo from Mothership reader

"It was unappealing and it makes me feel like I’m a joke," the woman lamented. "I mean what’s the point of having cheese on top of it???"

The woman acknowledged that the staff might have been busy, but noted that this was still a meal customers pay for.

After the incident, she also declared that the standard of McDonald's food has been dropping.

She claimed that she reached out to McDonald's to inform them of the incident, but did not receive any reply.

In response to Mothership's queries, McDonald's stated that they are reaching out directly to the customer to follow up on the matter.

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