Equatorial spitting cobra appears at Punggol Northshore car park


Ashley Tan | December 22, 2023, 11:10 AM

Macaques, monitor lizards and otters might be common sights to most Singaporeans, but one Punggol resident likely got a surprise upon spotting a cobra at their HDB block.

In a Dec. 21 post to Facebook group Complaint Singapore, the anonymous poster shared a photo of the snake with its hood raised and facing the camera.

The snake had apparently been sighted at the basement two car park of Block 422A Northshore Drive.

Photo from Complaint Singapore / FB

Some doubted the veracity of the photo, claiming it looked "faked", or that it was doctored.

The original poster, however, insisted the sighting was legitimate.

One took this as an opportunity to buy 4D.

With Christmas right around the corner, another user decided to turn the sighting into something more season-appropriate.

Photo from Kyori Rozu / FB

Keep a safe distance

The original poster did not reveal what happened to the cobra, but responded to one comment by saying that Acres (Animal Concerns Research and Education Society) was aware of the creature.

However, Acres co-CEO Kalai Vanan told Mothership that they did not receive any calls about this sighting.

Kalai shared that the snake, an equatorial spitting cobra, appeared to be a juvenile.

The species can be found islandwide, but the presence of this individual could be due to the fact that Northshore estate is relatively new and near Coney Island, Kalai added.

Equatorial spitting cobras are highly venomous, and can spray venom from their fangs, which can cover a distance of over 1m, when they feel threatened.

Aside from raising their hood, they will also stand erect and hiss loudly when feeling threatened.

However, they are not aggressive unless provoked.

Should you encounter a snake such as an equatorial spitting cobra, do not approach or confront it, and keep a safe distance.

Members of the public can call Acres' wildlife hotline at 9783 7782.

More cobra action

Top photo from Complaint Singapore / FB