Carousell listings for Covid-19 medals removed, PMO calls for awards to be treated with respect

Such medals must be handled in accordance with the spirit with which they were given, the PMO added.

Matthias Ang | December 14, 2023, 02:24 PM



Some Covid-19 Resilience medals have been put up for sale on Carousell, months after they were given out in May 2023 to individuals and teams in recognition of their contribution to Singapore's fight during the pandemic.

Listings for Covid-19 Resilience Medals removed from Carousell

On Dec. 13, Mothership found at least five listings on Carousell offering the medals for sale, at prices ranging from S$500 to S$1,000,000.

These listings were up as of 4.15pm, but by 5pm, they were no longer available.

Sellers whom Mothership reached out to did not respond to our queries on why they put the medals up for sale.

However, one user claimed that all of the medal sellers had removed their listings.

Screenshot via Carousell

The seller also shared a message they received which alleged that people selling the medals were being reported to the Prime Minister's Office (PMO).

Screenshot via Carousell

PMO: Medals should be treated with respect

When Mothership reached out to PMO regarding the sale of the medals, a spokesperson said that the Covid-19 Resilience Medals are national awards which honour "individuals and teams from the public, private and people sectors who have made substantive contributions to Singapore's fight against the Covid-19 pandemic".

As such, they should be "handled with respect, in accordance with the spirit with which they were presented", said the spokesperson.

Doctor: Why would people pay so much for the medal when so many received it

Meanwhile, a doctor who received the medal for his work in a public hospital during the pandemic told Mothership that he found it difficult to understand why people will pay a significant amount for it.

"So many" people had received it, he noted.

In total, the Covid-19 Resilience Medal was given out to about about 99,000 individuals and 800 teams.

The doctor added, "I appreciate the recognition but would have preferred money."

Healthcare worker Instagram account calls decision to sell the medals "disappointing"

Meanwhile, the people behind Instagram account @thehonesthealthcareworker said they were disappointed to see the medals being put up for sale.

The account, which is run by a few people from the healthcare sector, put up a post saying that while people might have their own reasons for selling the medal, such as a need for money or how it is just "a piece of plastic", such decisions should be reconsidered.

The post said:

"National awards are not conferred lightly. It was instituted in recognition of the collective effort and courage of healthcare workers during the days when Covid--19 was a real and present threat."

It added:

"To put it up for sale dishonours and diminishes the significance of all that they (the healthcare workers) did. Some things are simply not and cannot be for sale."

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