Men use harnesses & ropes to save cat stuck inside Bedok Reservoir drain

A passerby claimed the cat was in the drain for a few days.

Belmont Lay | December 02, 2023, 05:38 PM



A group of men got to work to rescue a cat in a drain at Bedok Reservoir, after the feline was believed to have been stuck there for a few days.

The cat, which appeared to be a black-and-white kitten, was spotted by a man, Zul, who put up a TikTok on Dec. 1 documenting the rescue effort.

@zulawab WATCH TILL THE END. The cat was in the drainage for f*cking 3 days as i was told by a lady that called @Singapore Civil Defence Force and they diverted to @National Parks Board Singapore Singapore.. 3 Bloody days… Thank you Fiq and Mohammed from Team Savage Rigging for coming down from Sungai Kadut to Bedok Reservoir.. Respect to you both.#catrescue ♬ original sound - zulawab

What happened

Zul said he was about to go home from a run at about 5pm that day when he spotted the cat.

In response to Mothership's queries, Zul said he instinctively felt he had to go by that path that day for the first time: "I never even once walked on that path, but gut feeling told me to walk on that path and that was when I saw the cat."

At that point, with no equipment on him, Zul attempted to go down into the drain as it was about to rain and he got anxious.

However, he could not find an access area to enter or exit the drain.

The rain got heavier after that and the canal started filling up with water.

Zul then called his wife to ask her to bring a rope, umbrella, towels, and other equipment to rescue the animal.

The cat resorted to clinging on to the side of the drain when the area got flooded to avoid getting swept away.

Cat was skittish

Sensing that he could not do this alone, Zul contacted two other people he knew who worked at Savage Access Pte Ltd and had the technical knowledge and equipment to abseil and enter the drain.

With the proper equipment, they could attempt a rescue.

The two men, Syafiq and Mohanmad, were on site for a job at Sungei Kadut in Choa Chu Kang area at that time and had to go to the east after Zul called them.

By the time the men got to rescuing the cat, it was already dark.

However, the TikTok showed the men smiling while carrying out their rescue in the rain, utilising harnesses and headlamps.

But the cat remained skittish and kept running away from the duo.

The two men, undeterred, followed the cat into a drain that appeared pitch black.

Within four minutes, the pair reemerged having successfully secured the cat in a carrier.

The total time the rescue took was less than 30 minutes.

Zul thanked the pair of rescuers repeatedly in the video for their assistance.

He also said National Parks Board (NParks) staff arrived at the scene to retrieve the cat after it was rescued.

Zul said he heard from a passerby speaking to his wife that the cat was apparently already spotted in the drain a few days ago, and the authorities were alerted to rescue it.

Zul added: "All of us, including my wife, are animal lovers. It doesn't matter if its a dog or a cat."

All photos via @zulawab TikTok