Car crashes through barricade, ends up in drain in Whampoa

Beside the roundabout.

Belmont Lay | December 22, 2023, 03:34 PM



A car ended up bonnet-first in a drain in Whampoa.

A video and photos of the aftermath of the incident were put up on Facebook.

The bonnet cover the car appeared dented.

The incident took place at the roundabout beside the Whampoa Food Centre on Dec. 20.

In one photo, the licence plate QX731X could be seen.

The vehicle is believed to be registered under one of the uniformed organisations in Singapore, such as the police.

However, it does not have any livery on it.

Update, Dec. 26, 2023: Shin Min Daily News reported that a 63-year-old male driver was assisting police in investigations following the accident.

Two women, aged 66 and 21, who were passengers in the car, were conveyed conscious to hospital.

A 36-year-old male motorcyclist was slightly injured, but refused to be taken to hospital.

Shin Min reported that the car is a police vehicle and it was involved in an accident with a motorcycle.

Top photos via Telegram & Raven Qiu