Woman in Shanghai cries after missing flight as she was engrossed in 11.11 sale


Alfie Kwa | November 19, 2023, 11:44 AM



End-year sales are often too good to ignore.

One lady in China was apparently so engrossed in the 11.11 sale that she missed her flight.

Crying at the airport

The woman apparently arrived at the airport early for her flight and decided to check out some good deals during the 11.11 sale on the Chinese online shopping platform Taobao.

But she was supposedly so focused on making her purchases that she missed the announcements to board and her flight took off without her.

In a Weibo video, someone filmed the lady, who can be seen sitting and crying on the floor of the Shanghai Pudong airport, where her flight was departing.

In the video, she can also be heard crying as she explains her predicament.

She said that her flight to Zunyi Xinzhuo airport was apparently the last one that day.

Thankfully, the airport staff helped her change her flight so that she could board the next flight.


Some Weibo users questioned the video, asking who was filming her.

One even commented that it could be "posed", perhaps a marketing stunt.

But if it wasn't, it's unclear if any deals she got was worth missing her flight.

Images screengrab from Weibo.