M'sia bride catches people she doesn't know eating for free at her wedding banquet

One intruder pretended to be the bride's neighbour, but was called out by her actual neighbour.

Julia Yee | November 08, 2023, 05:02 PM



A bride in Malaysia had to deal with more than the usual wedding day jitters when she discovered gatecrashers on her big day.

In a Facebook post on Nov. 7, she called out wedding intruders who had invited themselves to the banquet for a free feast.

Uninvited guests

According to the bride, Jacqueline Ng, she received multiple complaints about the issue from her guests.

They informed her that they did not have any space to sit, and that they had spotted some unfamiliar faces in the crowd.

"We thought it was weird how an elderly aunty and uncle, who no one recognised, was assigned to sit at the same table as us," one guest said.

The "uncle" supposedly ended up getting drunk and pushing others to drink.

Photo via Jacqueline Ng/Facebook

Photo via Jacqueline Ng/Facebook

Another intruder snuck his way in by claiming that he had arrived late because of a traffic jam, and that he couldn't find his original seat.

Photo via Jacqueline Ng/Facebook

Ng stated that she had a friend who encountered the same "chaos" at her wedding, whereby a whole group of strangers gatecrashed and left actual guests without any seats.

"If you don't have money to eat, tell me. I can treat you to a meal or donate money to you. Showing up uninvited is so shameless," she complained.

Fake neighbour

One particular intruder that stood out was a man in a checkered shirt, whose loud outfit belied his illicit act.

Photo via Jacqueline Ng/Facebook

He supposedly introduced himself as Ng's neighbour, reported Sin Chew Daily News.

When he was exposed by Ng's actual neighbour at the table, he simply transferred himself to another table and continued tucking into the food.

Photo via Jacqueline Ng/Facebook

Commenters were quick to identify this particular plaid-clad intruder as a serial wedding crasher.

Photos of the same man in various wedding banquets surfaced, with people sharing that he often attended people's weddings just to fill his belly, said Sin Chew.

Several people added that this was a common operation carried out by this group of crashers, who would exchange intel on wedding banquets and wore headphones to facilitate colluding and quick escapes.

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Top images via Jacqueline Ng/Facebook