Buddy, golden retriever from S'pore Zoo KidzWorld, dies

Run free, Buddy.

Zhangxin Zheng | November 09, 2023, 09:36 AM



Buddy, a well-loved golden retriever from Singapore Zoo's KidzWorld, has passed away.

Screenshot from Mandai Wildlife Reserve video.

The Mandai Wildlife Reserve announced this piece of sad news on Nov. 8 evening on its social media.

Buddy was surrounded by his keepers and friends in his final moments, Mandai Wildlife Reserve said.

Buddy was diagnosed with two types of lymphoma two years ago, a manager of the animal behaviour and programme at the zoo, Natalie, said.

He fought hard, but the cancer unfortunately spread later.

Buddy, the golden retriever that's like sunshine to people he met

Buddy was remembered for his gentle demeanour, zest for life and how he loved to make people happy.

Screenshot from Mandai Wildlife Reserve video.

Despite so, Buddy remained to be the sunshine to everyone he met.

He would rush up to people, making them feel like they are a special one, Natalie remembered.

Screenshot from Mandai Wildlife Reserve video.

Screenshot from Mandai Wildlife Reserve video.

Buddy enjoyed taking buggy rides and would still go for presentations despite being ill as that's what he enjoyed doing.

Screenshot from Mandai Wildlife Reserve video.

Many viewers of the video shared by Mandai Wildlife Reserve said that they had not met Buddy, but they cried watching the video interview with Natalie that was interspersed with Buddy's photos and video clips.

Natalie said that she woke up with some emptiness in her heart after Buddy's death, and the team is sad over the loss.

However, they are supporting each other through this period while taking care of other animals at the KidzWorld.

Watch the interview here:

Top image from Mandai Wildlife Reserve video