Putien restaurant rewards SIA business class tickets, S$2,000 suitcases & tailored suits to 5 outstanding managers

The prizes are worth more than S$5,000 in total, according to Putien.

Winnie Li | November 16, 2023, 12:20 PM



A Singapore Airlines business class return ticket to their home countries, a RIMOWA suitcase, and a tailored suit.

These are what five Putien store managers received from the restaurant chain's chief operating officer (COO), Fong Chak Ka, on the morning of Nov. 15, 2023, at a black and white bungalow rented by Putien.

Image by Winnie Li/Mothership

Image by Winnie Li/Mothership

According to Putien, the prizes each store manager received are worth more than S$5,000.

Specifically, the suitcase is worth around S$2,000, while the tailored suit, which the store managers would receive later in the day, will be worth around S$1,000.

Awarded for outstanding performance

The five store managers, who hailed from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and mainland China, were awarded for clinching the title of "Outstanding Store Manager (三好店长)".

While the annual award was introduced by Putien in 2020, Fong, who is the COO over the past four years, told Mothership that the award was launched officially this year.

To win the award, store managers will need to build a strong team and make sure their outlet enjoys a good reputation while delivering strong revenue.

Image by Audrey Lee/Mothership

Award encourages ownership of stores

Besides serving as a recognition for exceptional employees, Fong shared that the "Outstanding Store Manager" award is another way for Putien to encourage the store managers to develop a sense of ownership over their outlets, in addition to its owner-operator model (店长制).

For those wondering, the owner-operator model at Putien allows the store managers to be the decision-makers of their respective outlets, thereby flattening the hierarchy within the company.

With the official launch of the "Outstanding Store Manager" award, Fong is confident that Putien's hospitality philosophy will be even better carried out on the ground:

"What we have always promoted is to serve your customers just like how you would treat your guests as the owner of your home. You treat them with everything to make sure they leave the door satisfied and happy, and ensure they are willing to come back again."

Carefully selected prizes

Given the significance of the "Outstanding Store Manager" award, it is no surprise that the prizes the recipients received were carefully selected by Fong.

According to the chief operating officer, the key reason for picking the prizes was to ensure the store managers could either use them in their daily lives or be able to enjoy a unique experience because of them.

For instance, the suitcase would make it easier for the store managers to bring back souvenirs and gifts from their overseas trips for their colleagues at their stores, which is a tradition in Putien.

However, the store managers also revealed to Mothership that the prizes they received comprised much more than the plane ticket, the suitcase, and the tailored suit.

Image by Audrey Lee/Mothership

Wu Shibiao, who manages a Putien outlet in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, shared that he was surprised and overjoyed by how the company rewarded him for clinching the "Outstanding Store Manager" title:

"I could tell our company paid a huge amount to reward us. Just looking at our entire itinerary in Singapore, the hotel we stayed at, and the prizes we received. For our flights back home, the company also booked business class tickets for us. I think these arrangements were really thoughtful."

Top image via Winnie Li/Mothership