Unhappiness over NLB's decision to cut free access to e-learning platform Udemy Business

Members are intending to petition NLB to reconsider its decision.

Brenda Khoo | November 08, 2023, 06:39 PM



NLB members will no longer have free access to e-learning platform Udemy Business from Dec. 15.

The National Library Board announced on Nov. 6 that it will be ceasing its subscription.

Shocked and saddened, many NLB members aired their grievances on Reddit and said that they intend to petition NLB to reconsider their decision.

Udemy Business to stop access after Dec. 14, 23:59

NLB sent an email on Nov. 6 at 6pm informing members about the change in access to Udemy Business.

Udemy Business offers NLB members fully-subsidised courses on topics such as software development, coding, leadership, marketing, and sales.

In the email, NLB told its members that they will "no longer be able to retrieve [their] course(s) progress after Friday, December 14 2023, 23:59 SGT."

NLB added that it remains committed to seek out alternative e-learning platforms.

However, it did not state in the email the reason for ceasing members' access to Udemy Business.

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'A pity' for NLB to take down 'a fantastic resource': Redditor

NLB members took to Reddit to air their unhappiness.

Gaining considerable attention, the post had garnered 369 reactions and 139 comments as of time of writing.

Many Redditors lamented the loss of "the best" e-learning platform providing courses with "high quality content", especially to obtain software development and coding accreditation.

One wrote:

"Wah die, genuinely didn't cross my mind this partnership wasn't permanent. Won't be able to finish my course by then, even if I overclock my brain. Hopefully they'll renew or maybe introduce subsidised subscription model."

Some are intending to petition NLB to reconsider its decision.

A Redditor wrote:

"I will be emailing them to let them know how much I’ve benefitted from using the service, and also mention what a pity it is to remove such a fantastic resource."

Others have suggested, rather helpfully, alternatives such as Coursera. Most Coursera courses are free to attend, but their assignments and course certificates are chargeable.

'Significant' rise in cost & licensing model changes as reasons: Redditor

Adding to the conversation, one Redditor by the handle u/Crazy_Comprehensive posted a reply from NLB on Nov. 7 in response to their enquiry about the discontinuation.

In the reply, NLB supposedly said that it has to discontinue Udemy Business because of "changes in the licensing model" and a "significant increase in cost".

NLB also apparently said that its decision to subscribe to specific eResources was "guided by users' needs, collection gaps, budget, costs as well as platform business models".

Mothership has reached out to NLB for comment.

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