Coldplay’s Chris Martin walks barefoot in Jakarta before concert

Coldplay goes walkabout.

Tan Min-Wei | November 20, 2023, 01:44 PM


Coldplay's Chris Martin has been taking the tour part of his band's international tour very seriously, going for long, solo, walkabouts in the cities that he performs in.

This meant that eagle-eyed residents of Jakarta might have noticed the Coldplay frontman striding through their city barefoot just before the band's Nov. 15 concert.

Epic walk

An Instagram post showed Martin and band manager Phil Harvey taking a selfie on an overhead bridge in Jakarta.

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The pair, drenched in sweat but beaming from ear to ear with the caption "epic walk in Jakarta".

But what would have really taken people by surprise is probably the next picture in the series showing Chris Martin walking barefoot by a body of water.

The Jakarta Post identified the location as Jl. Galunggung, next to the Setobudi reservoir.

Commentors on the post expressed concern about Martin's choice to go barefoot, with one urging him to be careful, and another asking if his feet were blistered.

Other social media users posted about seeing Martin on his "epic walk", with Coldplay fan account @idwantscoldplay posting @liacamel's video of them spotting Martin.

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The video, which was probably taken earlier on his walk, featured a noticeably drier Martin, who greeted the passing motorist with a peace sign.

Packed concerts

@liacamel's caption, that they would see him again the next day, indicated that she was one of the lucky ones who had managed to get a ticket to the sole concert date in Jakarta, despite Indonesian ministers attempting to get extra dates.

Coldplay has sold out concerts throughout Southeast Asia, and played to a packed Bung Karno stadium on Nov. 15.

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This was despite attempts by 300 or so protestors wanting to interrupt the concert by demonstrating outside the stadium due to Coldplay's support for the LGBT community.

The protest didn't stop the concert, with Martin even attempting some Indonesian rhymes during the concert.

Gone walkabout

Martin is actually known for his barefoot walks, with the Post noting that he is regularly seen doing so around his home in Malibu, California.

But its still surprising to see that he still walks barefoot whereever he is in the world.

Recently, he was spotted walking barefoot by a couple in Perth while they were getting married.

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The bride chased after Martin, the Metro UK reported, with her new husband in tow holding her wedding train to get a picture.

Martin warmly obliged, before walking off over a gravel path.

Coldplay coming to Singapore in January 2024

Coldplay will be coming to Singapore in January 2024 and playing a record six shows at the National Stadium.

The band has the distinction of being the first act to hold six shows at Singapore's National Stadium, and has also set the record for being the first to sell out six gigs at the venue.

That means plenty of opportunities for fans in Singapore to look out for a barefoot Martin in the wild come January.

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