'Unattended parcels' left at Clementi void deck after 11.11 sale

A resident saw the packages strewn all over the ground and rearranged them into a pile.

Daniel Seow | November 21, 2023, 09:26 AM



A Clementi resident was unamused when he saw parcels strewn all over the ground at the void deck of the HDB block on Nov. 17, 2023.

The resident took to Facebook to air his unhappiness, describing the mess as "a rubbish dump", according to Shin Min Daily News.

He then rearranged the parcels by himself.

The mess

In the pictures, parcels of various sizes could be seen piled up in a heap at the void deck.

At least 30 to 40 parcels were shown in the shot, and apparently, no delivery personnel were around to manage the items.

Image from Singapore Incidents on Facebook.

Image from Singapore Incidents on Facebook.

The post did not indicate the particular block where the parcels were found, but the resident wrote that it was along Clementi Avenue 4.

However, when a Shin Min reporter headed down to the area, she bumped into a woman, Zhao, making deliveries at Block 372 Clementi Avenue 4.

Zhao had unloaded all her parcels from her van onto the void deck ground before delivering them to the units upstairs.

Image via Shin Min Daily News

One person will stay to guard packages: Deliverywoman

Zhao, 23, told Shin Min that if there were too many parcels to handle, her team would typically shift them to the void deck first.

After the packages were sorted, the team would deliver them to the individual units.

Zhao noted that they would typically keep one person at the void deck to guard the packages.

She said if they lost a package, they would be made to compensate the value of the package out of pocket and have to pay an additional S$100 penalty.

As a result of this measure, they are very careful about it.

Zhao said the recent 11.11 sales on Nov. 11 resulted in more packages being delivered, causing the situation to be "a little more hectic".

Top image from Singapore Incidents on Facebook.