Student in China bullied into eating faeces in school toilet

Investigations are ongoing.

Brenda Khoo | November 04, 2023, 04:21 PM



The police in Fujian, China, have confirmed that they are investigating a case of school bullying where a student was forced to eat faeces by other students in a school toilet.

The culprits have been identified, and investigations are ongoing, The Beijing News and The Global Times reported.

Forced to eat faeces

According to Chinese media reports, a few students from Longyan Qiaoyu Middle School in Longyan, Fujian, forced a male student to eat the faeces while taking a video, which was later circulated on Weibo.

In the video, the boy was seen initially squatting down and dipping his finger into the faeces in the school toilet.

At first, he refused to consume it, mentioning that there were students passing by so he could not do it. After those students walked away, his schoolmates continued to force him to eat the faeces.

The boy eventually gave in and ate the faeces on his finger.

The student recording the video then forced the boy to swallow the faeces a second time, telling him to "eat it all", according to 8world.

The video has gone viral on Weibo with 1.5 million views after two days.

The bullies ought to be "severely punished"

In response to the video, flabbergasted netizens on Weibo called for the bullies to be "severely punished" and that the bullies "cannot be forgiven". Some even labelled the bullies as "perverted".

However, some Weibo users noted, "Couldn't he have resisted the bullies?"

Yet another user lamented, "If parents don't discipline their children, their children could end up behind bars."

Investigations ongoing, victim to go for mental health counselling

An anonymous school official confirmed the validity of the incident with The Beijing News.

The culprits have also been identified, according to The Global Times, but the police will not disclose further details as minors are involved.

The official added that the school is assisting relevant authorities with investigations, The Beijing News reported. The victim had been counselled.

Investigations are still ongoing, the local education bureau in Longyan told Beijing News.

Top image from Weibo.