3 dogs die from suspected poisoning after visiting allegedly contaminated field in Kovan


Ilyda Chua | October 07, 2023, 08:12 PM

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A number of dogs have died after a construction project at an informal dog park located in the Rosyth estate allegedly resulted in the contamination of the land.

Several dog owners believe that the presence of a construction project nearby the field may have resulted in the contamination of the land.

Mothership understands that three dogs have died so far.

Poised for redevelopment

The site, located on the grounds of the now-defunct Parry Primary School,  includes a small field known as "Parry Field" which is currently used as an informal dog park by residents.

Photo from Google Maps

On Sep. 29, 2022, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) announced that the site would be launched for public tender for a private assisted living development.

A Business Times report on Jun. 20, 2023, noted that PRE 20, a subsidiary of real estate firm Perennial Holdings, had won the tender.

Mothership understands from residents in the area that construction has since begun in the vicinity of the dog park, on the premises of the old school building.

However, the dog park itself continues to be used by residents.

Alleged contamination

Over the past two days, multiple dogs have reportedly died after visiting Parry Field.

Mothership understands that at least three dogs have died of suspected poisoning, which their owners believe came about from contamination in the field.

In a message circulating on social media, one of the owners, Jay Lee, shared about the death of their cavachon, Sunkiss, on Oct. 7:

"With a heavy heart, we want to share that Sunkiss has passed away in the early morning time today.

Sunkiss's deceased [sic] has been determined as toxin poisoning. We witness him go through a whole ordeal of excruciating seizures before we were able to send him to VES.

By the time he arrived, he no longer had a heartbeat. Resuscitated once and collapse again."

In Parry Field. Photo from sunkiss_thechavanon/Instagram

Two other dog owners have also reported the deaths of their dogs after visiting the field.

The dogs, Palo and Katie, reportedly died on Oct. 7 and Oct. 5 respectively.

Palo. Photo from berendoodlesage/Instagram

Dog owners put up signs

In response to the deaths, the community has rallied to put up signs and share warnings on social media.

Tributes to the late dogs were also posted.

Reached out to authorities

In response to Mothership's enquiries, a spokesperson from Perennial (Parry) Assisted Living Care said on Oct. 7 that they only recently took over the development site — but not the affected field.

"As development works will be executed in phases, we have to-date not taken over the park from Singapore Land Authority," the spokesperson said, clarifying that the park area will be transformed into a new community park under the development plans.

The spokesperson added that from their understanding, the appointed contractor "has put in place all the necessary measures to comply with the regulatory guidelines before the commencement of works within the land parcel of the old school".

"As a responsible developer and resident in the Parry Avenue neighbourhood, we are saddened to learn of the passing of the pet dogs.

The health and safety of the public, Parry Avenue community, including our beloved animal friends, and staff is a key priority of the company.

We take this matter seriously and will look into the allegations.

In the meantime, we will continue to enforce regulatory compliance throughout the period of the development works."

According to The Straits Times,  the Animal and Veterinary Service (AVS) and Singapore Land Authority (SLA) said in a joint statement they have been alerted to social media posts involving dogs at a field along Parry Avenue, and that AVS has gotten in touch with the dog owners.

Both agencies are looking into the matter.

Top image from Instagram and Google Maps