Finlayson's squirrel found dead in Tai Seng, kind security guard helps bury it

Oh no.

Ilyda Chua | October 10, 2023, 05:43 PM



After hearing of a dead Finlayson's squirrel outside his office building, a kind security guard took it upon himself to bury the creature.

Found outside office building

TikTok content creator Amandy, who goes by @hibyelovez, shared the sad account on her Instagram Stories.

She found the squirrel laid out at the base of a tree at the entrance of her office building in Tai Seng and realised it was the same species that her colleague had posted about earlier in a Facebook group.

Photo from D-jin Toh/Facebook

Photo from hibyelovez/Instagram

"I was even like, 'Omg, could it be hibernating?' Hoping it's just in deep sleep," she wrote in her Stories.

Told security guard

She told Mothership that she found the squirrel around 9:45am on Oct. 10, just before starting work.

Upon entering the office building, she informed a security guard about the sighting and asked if he'd seen it.

He said no, but told her later around lunchtime that he had buried the squirrel — "probably not wanting us to have to look at it".

"He is very sweet!!" Amandy added.

Photo from hibyelovez/Instagram

Potential cause of death

Although she and her colleagues initially suspected that the squirrel might have died of a cat attack, as there are several cats in the office compound, Amandy said that she did not see any signs of bleeding and there was no open wound.

"Afterwards, some of my colleagues and I speculated that it might have eaten something, maybe rat poison or something?" she said.

She added that it might be unrelated, but a while back, she had observed something that "looked a lot like cat vomit" near the tree.

Amandy also noted that the squirrel's body was laid out in a very "proper" fashion, which made her suspect that it died somewhere else and was later moved to the tree.

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Top image from D-jin Toh/Facebook and hibyelovez/Instagram