SMRT enters into sister relationship with Metro Taipei to share knowledge & best practices

They will work together on improving commuter experience and engineering capabilities, among others.

Matthias Ang | October 05, 2023, 07:00 PM



SMRT Trains and Taiwan's Taipei Rapid Transport Corporation (TRTC), also known as Metro Taipei, have entered into a sister relationship to "foster deeper professional ties" and support the improvement of urban rail systems and services in Singapore and Taipei respectively.

The agreement between the two rail operators was signed on Oct. 3, according to an announcement by SMRT.

SMRT said, "The signing of the agreement represents a significant milestone for SMRT Trains and TRTC in their journey towards achieving world-class rail performance and service delivery."

SMRT and TRTC to share knowledge on operations and maintenance

Both entities will share know-how and best practices for operations and maintenance with each other under a "wide-ranging" agreement.

They will also partake in activities to enhance their operations, maintenance and engineering capabilities, service excellence, commuter experience and their performance in safety and security.

Both rail operators will also exchange experience and insights in environmental, social and corporate (ESG) governance, and engage in commercial collaborations on marketing and the promotion of city tourism.

The Chairman of SMRT, Seah Moon Ming added:

"Together, SMRT and TRTC strive towards delivering the best-in-class public transport service. Through this sister metro agreement with TRTC, we will share knowledge, expertise, and best practices with each other to provide our commuters with best-in-class commuting and lifestyle experiences."

TRTC: Relationship started in 1990 when some employees were sent to Singapore for training

The Chairman of TRTC, Chao Shiao-lien, highlighted how the relationship between both operators started in 1990, over 30 years ago, when it sent some employees to Singapore for training, from which they acquired "valuable operational expertise."

Starting from 2017, SMRT also sent multiple delegations to study the Taipei Metro, TRTC highlighted in its press release.

Lianhe Zaobao further reported that following the Bishan tunnel flooding incident in 2017, TRTC sent a team of seven people to conduct an independent review of SMRT's operations.

The review was carried out at the request of SMRT.

Then-Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan was quoted as saying that Singapore's MRT should emulate the reliability of the Taipei Metro.

Left photo via TRTC, upper right photo via LTA, lower right photo via Metro Taipei Facebook