Spook seekers visit vacated Sin Ming HDB block, finds tripod not where they left it

Is it scary?

Zhangxin Zheng | October 09, 2023, 07:32 PM



Do you like spooky stuff?

In particular, spooky stuff in Singapore?

Well, After Midnight, a group of paranormal enthusiasts on TikTok, ventured into Block 26 Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sector A, a freshly vacated block of flats, to check out the space.

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And the highlight?

The trio of spook seekers noticed, or thought that they noticed, a tripod which they left by the stairs on the 11th floor had apparently moved, and became visible from the other end of the long corridor.

The moment was documented in their Oct. 6 video.

At the start of the video, the host said of Block 26: "So, after this we will be going to level 12, because that's where a lot of people said that, that's the most, erm, a lot of things is happening at level 12."

This was after he showed that the lifts of the block were still functioning, giving access to the corridors upstairs.

The group later found the gates of the units either cable tied, or locked.

State of the block

Not to spoil it for the audience too much, but the main attraction of the video was the visuals showing the dilapidated state of the block and what uninhabited units looked like after tenants moved out completely.

There were the usual bumps in the night that get amplified as the group provided replays of their reactions and the sounds they heard but could not explain.

The good news is that the video has been subtitled to carry English subtitles.

For sceptics, the explanation as to why the tripod got moved was because someone else who was there moved it, given that the block was still accessible to other people.

Second video

A second part has since been uploaded on TikTok on Oct. 8, showing the group's exploration.

The interesting footage includes them scaring themselves and seeing shadows.

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A third video will be out soon, according to the group.

Top photos via After Midnight / TikTok