Woman, 29, charged for verbally abusing SGH nurse, believed to be in jail due to lack of bailor

Her next court hearing will be on Oct. 25.

Lee Wei Lin | October 14, 2023, 07:13 PM



The woman involved in an argument with a Singapore Police Force (SPF) officer has reportedly been remanded as she could not find a bailor.

29-year-old Han Feizi was charged in court on Oct. 13, 2023, with a total of six charges, including two counts of using abusive language against a public service worker or public servant.

The charges came after videos of the woman's arguments with the police officer emerged on TikTok.

Possibly in jail

According to Lianhe Zaobao, Han was granted S$15,000 bail by the judge on Oct. 13.

She was asked if she would be able to find a bailor, to which she responded that she "should be" able to.

In Singapore, bailors must fulfil a set of requirements, including being a Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident (PR) aged 21 and above. They must also not be facing criminal charges, among other requirements.

A potential bailor's eligibility is subject to the court's discretion, even if they meet all the requirements listed.

Her hearing was slated to begin at 9:15am, and she appeared by video link from the Police Cantonment Complex.

A Zaobao reporter, who waited outside the courts until about 6:05pm, saw Han leaving the Police Cantonment Complex in a police car. They concluded that it was likely that she had been unable to find a bailor.

Zaobao further stated that those unable to find a bailor are usually remanded in prison.

Han's next court hearing is slated for Oct. 25.

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