New thrift store in Peace Centre sells secondhand clothes starting from S$8 & books under S$10

It's a vibe.

Khine Zin Htet | October 06, 2023, 02:19 PM



As an ardent thrift enthusiast, I'm always on the lookout for new thrift stores popping up around town.

Sure, there's the ever-trusty Lucky Plaza with its cheap finds, and weekend flea markets with curated items, but it's undeniably exciting to visit somewhere new.

So when I heard of a new secondhand store at Peace Centre, I couldn't resist the urge to check it out myself.

Second Story: Peace Edition

You might have heard of Thryft, a local online secondhand bookstore.

It's recently expanded to clothes, leading to the genesis of Second Story — their biggest retail store.

Nestled on the second floor of Peace Centre, this new retail space boasts an impressive collection of womenswear, menswear, books, records, and more.

According to Eddie Lim, the co-founder and CEO of Thryft, their existing inventory consists of over 40,000 books and 20,000 clothes.

Photo by Khine Zin Htet

What sets Second Story apart is the origin of their items.

Some are donated or traded in by users, while others come from a Japanese partner specialising in household collection.

This means that you can find unique items like clothes from boutique Japanese stores.


Upon entering the store, I was greeted with the nostalgic scent of old books and paper.

The store offers a diverse range of books, including fiction, classics, and children's literature.

Photo by Chan Seng

Photo by Chan Seng

Being a secondhand store, the collection may not feature the latest releases, which could disappoint those seeking the newest titles.

There are still plenty of popular titles though. During my visit, I stumbled upon books by Colleen Hoover and Jojo Moyes.

Photo by Khine Zin Htet

Vintage and rare books are also available in a separate unit, and features early publications of classic literature and historical books.

Photo by Chan Seng


While Thryft is most well-known for their books, I decided to check out their clothing section too.

Rows of clothes were neatly categorised for easy browsing.

After some digging, I found some potential items for me to spend my corporate-girl money on.

And I managed to curate two outfits for under S$20.

1st look

Photo by Chan Seng

This uniquely patterned wrap blouse (S$12) caught my eye instantly and I had to try it on.

The pattern gives an "ah ma" (grandmother) fashion look that is comfortable but sophisticated.

I paired it with a high-waisted moss green skirt ($8) which had an interesting corset-like waistline.

2nd look

Photo by Chan Seng

Despite being located in sunny Singapore, Second Story boasts a pretty wide collection of knitwear.

I found a cute black knitted top with pearlescent buttons (S$8), which I paired with a black and white floral skirt (S$8).

I thought the outfit was cute, but ultimately did not purchase it as I prefer brighter colours.

Here are some other interesting clothes I found.

This funky pink and orange knitted vest:

Photo by Chan Seng

And this pair of wide-legged pants (perfect for those looking for budget officewear):

Photo by Chan Seng


Thrifting can be a hit-or-miss experience, and after thorough exploration, I ended up purchasing just one item.

Nevertheless, the adventure was enjoyable, and the presence of several couches for customers to rest on during their shopping journey added to the overall experience.

Photo from Second Story

Open for 6 months only

Opened as part of a social movement by PlayPan, Second Story is one of several projects happening at the soon-to-be-demolished Peace Centre.

It will be in operation from now until the end of February 2024.

According to Lim, the movement — which also includes art and music pop-ups — aims to "bring together various businesses, projects and youths together for social good".

While I was initially disappointed that the store would only be around for a limited period, Lim assured me that they are positively considering various options for retail spaces and pop-ups.

You can also check them out online.

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Top photos by Khine Zin Htet and Second Story