S'pore woman's 'quiet' ride fulfilled despite driver getting into shouting match with another driver

After the Grab driver got into a screaming match with another driver, the Grab driver returned to the car and did not say anything to her.

Hannah Martens | October 27, 2023, 05:14 PM



A woman who opted for a quiet ride for her Grab booking was shocked when her Grab driver argued with another driver.

Sharing with Mothership, Xiao Qian said that after the argument, she waited for her driver to say something as she remained in the car during the whole episode.

However, the driver did not say anything till she was dropped off at her destination, where he only said goodbye to her.

Shouting match in the middle of the road

Xiao Qian stated that she usually opted for a quiet ride when she booked a Grab, and this time was no different.

Her ride was going fine until her driver did not stop when he was supposed to and almost hit another driver, which prompted the other driver to honk at them. Xiao Qian stated it was fine as it was her driver's negligence for not checking his blind spots.

She thought that was the end, but her driver stopped the car and wound down his window in the middle of the road.

The other driver started to yell and scold her driver for his "bad driving". The other driver also accused her driver of flashing his high beam at him, but Xiao Qian said she could not see if her driver did so as it was during the day.

Her driver exited the car and started arguing and "challenging" the other driver, which was when Xiao Qian began to record.

In her video, which she uploaded to TikTok, the two drivers were yelling vulgarities at each other.

@geiwosushiquiet ride indeed….. 🥹♬ original sound - OMGXIAOQIAN

The other driver yelled at the Grab driver in Mandarin, "minor road and major road, do you know the difference? Your first day driving?"

The other driver then hurled more vulgarities at him before telling the Grab driver he should not drive.

"If you are going to drive until like this, don't drive," the other driver yelled before getting back into the car and driving off.

Passenger remained in the car

During the whole confrontation, Xiao Qian remained in the car.

"I was trying to be calm so I just kept quiet and remained in the car," she said.

She only began recording when the other driver stared at her, making her feel afraid. Thus, she started recording in case the confrontation turned physical.

When the Grab driver returned to the car, Xiao Qian said she was "traumatised" by the incident.

She waited for the Grab driver to address the situation, but the driver did not say anything.

That was when she remembered that she had opted for a quiet ride, and the driver continued her ride without another word.

After all this, Xiao Qian told Mothership that she would still opt for a quiet Grab ride in the future.

"I mean, this kind of thing doesn't always happen, I hope."

Top photos via OMGXIAOQIAN/TikTok