S'pore domestic worker finds cash missing while buying bread, kind woman gives her bread & money

The helper was so touched that she cried.

Julia Yee | October 16, 2023, 01:50 PM



On Oct. 15, members of the Facebook page Complaint Singapore were met with an unexpectedly endearing story.

The post was made by an anonymous domestic helper in Singapore, who recounted her encounter with a good samaritan that night.

Good deed

"Just now, I [broke into] tears," the helper wrote.

She went on to explain that she was trying to purchase bread when she realised her cash was "missing".

This prompted her to cancel her order.

"Then suddenly, this woman [came] to me to offer me the bread that she [bought] for me. She also put some cash in the plastic [bag]," the helper continued.

Image via Complaint Singapore

Repaying kindness

Deeply touched, the helper asked for the woman's number, presumably to find a way to repay her.

But the woman declined to give it to her.

This didn't dissuade the helper from imploring the public to help her find the kind soul.

"Maybe somebody knows her, please inform me. I want to visit her. I wish I can [repay] her kindness," the helper said.

She also provided a picture of the woman's back while she was waiting at a bus stop in Boon Keng.

Image via Complaint Singapore

"Sorry maybe I'm so dramatic, but [the woman] means a lot to me as a helper. In my hard life, [there are] still good people who help me..."

The kind woman's compassion struck a chord with many people who chanced upon the post.

It inspired calls for a kindness campaign, with multiple comments urging the helper to "pass [the kindness] forward".

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