Japanese Spitz pup in S'pore given up by owner after breaking 2 limbs, Good Samaritan paid for costly operations

Her medical bills amounted to a five-digits figure.

Khine Zin Htet | October 27, 2023, 03:39 PM



An eight-month-old Japanese Spitz puppy in dire need of surgery managed to receive it, all thanks to the contributions of a Good Samaritan who stepped forward to help cover her hefty medical bills.

Derrick Tan, founder of animal welfare group Voices For Animal, took to his Facebook to share the story of the puppy, aptly named Xiao Bai.

Costly medical bills

Speaking to Mothership, Tan explained that Xiao Bai had initially broken her left limb after jumping off a table on Oct. 1.

When the owner brought her to a veterinarian, he was quoted around S$7,000 for her treatment and operation.

Photo from Derrick Tan

Less than two weeks later on Oct. 12, Xiao Bai suffered another fracture in her right limb, doubling the total cost needed for her recovery.

Unfortunately, her owner found himself unable to bear the cost of the required medical treatment and had attempted to surrender her to other animal organisations. He was, however, turned down.

Upon hearing about Xiao Bai's plight from a friend, Tan found himself initially apprehensive about taking on her care, given the potential financial burden.

Gif from Derrick Tan

"After sometime, the video of her that was sent to me kept appearing on my mind of her in pain limping," Tan wrote.

Driven by a desire to ease her pain, he asked around to see if anyone was willing to help chip in for her medical bills.

Thankfully, a Good Samaritan came forward to help.

She had previously adopted from Voices For Animal and wanted to help cover Xiao Bai's medical bills completely.

While he did not name the individual as she wished to remain anonymous, Tan shared that her help gave him the courage to take Xiao Bai in.

"If without such help, I really don’t have the courage to take over. So the luck is hers and I merely was just the facilitator."

Others also expressed a desire to donate towards Xiao Bai's medical expenses. However, since their assistance was no longer required, their contributions were directed to donation for Voices for Animals.

Xiao Bai is doing well

At present, Xiao Bai has successfully undergone the necessary surgeries and is progressing well on her road to recovery.

Photo from Derrick Tan

Although she is still limping from her fractures, Tan shared that she relies on her hind legs to walk and frequently requests people to carry her.

"Now, after her second operation, she was so excited seeing me and when I carried her, she was wagging her tail non-stop and whining. As we were walking out, she just snuggled onto my chest, I really think that she thanked me for helping her," Tan said.

Photo from Derrick Tan

He also dedicated a few words of thanks to Xiao Bai herself, crediting her for motivating him to seek help from people.

Xiao Bai looking for a forever home

Tan is now looking to find a loving and forever home for her. And the high-spirited puppy proved quite popular, as some adopters have already expressed interest.

Those interested in adopting Xiao Bai can contact Tan here.

However, he also cautioned interested pet owners:

"Bear in mind, I always emphasis, keeping a pet is for life, and bear in mind, medical bill is not cheap."

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