'Either goondu or brain spoiled': Netizens clap for driver hogging lane in front of Traffic Police

The second police car eventually overtook the driver.

Zi Shan Kow | October 15, 2023, 06:29 PM

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A video of a bold driver in Singapore refusing to give way to not one, but two Traffic Police cars, has been circulating online.

Traffic Police stuck behind driver

According to Facebook page Beh Chia Lor, the incident took place on Oct. 5.

In the short clip, a black vehicle could be seen on the rightmost lane, followed closely by a Traffic Police car.

The cars were joined by another Traffic Police car, which also had its sirens on.

After a few moments, the second police car switched to the adjacent left lane to overtake the black car.

Netizens react

A few commenters suspected that the driver was probably not paying attention or simply throwing caution to the wind.

Many also vented their frustration on road hoggers that they've personally encountered.

One even thanked the driver for letting the Traffic Police experience what road hogging feels like for the regular man on the road.

Road hogging is an offence

According to the Highway Code, the right-most lane in a three-lane carriageway is only for overtaking, and vehicles should not stay in it longer than necessary after overtaking vehicles in the centre lane.

Vehicles obstructing other vehicles moving at a faster speed will be liable for a fine not more than S$1,000 or imprisonment for up to 3 months in jail or both.

First-time offenders will also receive four demerit points.

Top image via Beh Chia Lor/Facebook.