China model gains 35kg in a month for 'boyfriend' who likes 'heavier girls', 'boyfriend' promptly dumps her

He said, "I like freedom."

Brenda Khoo | October 17, 2023, 09:04 PM



How far will you go for love?

A model in Hunan, China, claimed she gained 35kg within a month, hoping her boyfriend would marry her.

However, she claimed he went on to dump her and said, "I like freedom".

Since its upload on Ruimu Video on Weibo on Oct. 9, 2023, the viral video has garnered over 500 million views in a week.

Claims "boyfriend" promised to marry her if she becomes "chubby"

The model, whose surname is Zeng, claimed in the video that she weighed around 50kg before meeting her "former boyfriend", Wei.

While the video showed no photos of the duo dating, Zeng provided multiple WeChat conversation screenshots as proof.

According to the WeChat conversation, as shown in the video, with the full context of the conversation unknown, Wei said he liked heavier women, and his previous girlfriends were all "quite chubby".

He said that Zeng doesn't have to be 100kg but that it would be good if she could be 65kg or 75kg.

He told her to "feel free to eat as much as possible".

Zeng then asked him, "Do you like chubby girls? Or me?”

Wei responded that he liked a "chubby her".

"Why don't you believe me?" Wei added.

Lost her modelling job after gaining 35kg

Zeng claimed in the video that Wei promised to be "responsible for her" and "marry her" once she gained weight.

She claimed she managed to pile on 35kg within a month, causing her to lose her modelling job.

However, she said she had health problems, and Wei "dumped her".

"Boyfriend" said he likes "freedom"

In another WeChat screenshot, Wei told Zeng to "find a good man" and "live her life fully".

He explained that he hopes she would find a "stable man" and that he was very "unstable".

When Zeng asked what he meant by "stable", he replied that it meant finding someone who wouldn't leave her.

She then asked why he wanted to leave her. He said, "I like freedom."

Zeng lamented that she didn't expect the man to be "the one love" in her life but felt that the man shouldn't have made empty promises.

Many Weibo users expressed disbelief and doubt that she could put on so much weight within a month.

Some sympathised with her situation and called the "boyfriend" a liar.

A few users also gave her advice to change for herself and not for others.

Top image from Weibo

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