Owner of Amoy Street Food Centre fish soup stall health declining, selling business for S$800,000

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Joshua Lee | October 18, 2023, 04:05 PM



A 54-year-old fish soup and porridge business at Amoy Street Food Centre could very well close down by the end of 2023 — if no buyer is found.

Run by Yar Choon Phiow, 79, Piao Ji Fish Porridge food stall specialises in fish soup and porridge made with Indonesian batang fish.

The owner, who ran the stall with his wife and younger brother, is planning to sell the business in the Central Business District for S$700,000 to S$800,000.

Declining health

Yar is getting on with age and his health has declined.

He started the business in 1969 at 25 years old.

Shin Min Daily News spoke to the hawker, who said that business has been as good as ever, but he is "out of energy".

In May 2023, Yar got a lung infection after suffering a heatstroke.

The elderly man said he has to be fast in his service during peak meal periods to serve the crowds, but if he works too fast, he cannot keep up anymore.

Shortened operating hours

As recent as three years ago, the stall was open for six days a week.

But these days, operating hours have shortened to Fridays to Sundays from 11am to 3pm.

A visit to the hawker centre on Sunday afternoon revealed more than 20 people in queue for Piao Ji after 2pm.

The hawker's younger brother, Yar Choon Niong, used to run the stall as well, but he now finds it too physically demanding to continue.

The elder Yar's daughter will not be able to take over the business as she has her own job.

Wants legacy to continue

Yar is the first-generation owner who operated his business initially at Hong Kong Street.

In 1983, he was one of the first businesses to move into Amoy Street Food Centre.

Yar hopes to find a buyer to carry on the legacy and he said the handover process will take a few months to ensure the taste and standard is upheld.

Yar and his younger brother will see to the handover process.

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