Woman allegedly argues with Bencoolen eatery staff over S$15 cleaning fee after drunk friend pukes

It is uncertain if she ended up paying the cleaning fee.

Ashley Tan | October 10, 2023, 04:38 PM



A woman recently caused a scene after she was asked to pay a cleaning fee when her friend vomited at an eatery.

A video of the woman shouting at the staff of Al-Jilani Restaurant on Bencoolen Street was initially posted on TikTok by a bystander, @valeroee.

Woman gets angry

Speaking to Mothership, @valeroee shared that she was seated near the woman in question and her friends on Oct. 7 at around 3am.

One of the woman's friends, who was rather inebriated, vomitted on the floor, recounted the TikTok user.

Staff subsequently informed the woman that there was a S$15 fee for cleaning up the mess.

"Upon hearing this, the lady in the video got very upset on her friend’s behalf. She stood up and started telling the staff off," @valeroee said.

@valeroee added that staff tried to reason with the woman, but she "continued to be aggressive".

The woman apparently told staff that the cleaning fee should have been publicised in a notice at the shop.

In the video, the woman could be heard repeatedly asking the staff there to "show [her] the terms and conditions", while the staff maintained that "this [eatery] is not a bar".

Screenshot from valeroee / TikTok

Screenshot from valeroee / TikTok

According to @valeroee, the woman also asked the staff: "What if people get diarrhoea and cannot control? Are you a human?"

Throughout the episode, @valeroee said the friend who vomited appeared groggy, but was still conscious.

The woman then said that if cleaning was an issue, she would clean the vomit up herself. However, when staff returned with cleaning materials, the woman apparently "stormed off" with her friends without cleaning anything.

Screenshot from valeroee / TikTok

OP received messages from people claiming to be woman's friends

Since posting the video online, @valeroee revealed that she has been receiving threats from people claiming to be the woman's friends. These individuals also contacted @valeroee's family members.

She subsequently took down her TikTok video of the woman, but posted another video which showed screenshots of some of the messages she received.

One message from someone who claimed to know the woman apologised on her behalf, and shared that the online attention has "affect[ed] her negatively", and that the woman is "very fond of lawsuits".

Screenshot from valeroee / TikTok

The person also claimed that the woman did end up paying the S$15 cleaning fee.

@valeroee told Mothership that she remained at the eatery even after the woman and her friends left, and did not witness her paying the fee.

However, it is possible the woman returned another day to pay it.

Mothership reached out to Al-Jilani, who declined to comment on the incident.

Top photo from valeroee / TikTok