Couple puts playpen inside Canberra Crescent laundromat washing machine, breaks glass door

No hard objects, please.

Belmont Lay | September 13, 2023, 06:34 PM



A washing machine at a laundromat located at Block 120 Canberra Crescent was seen going haywire, with its door broken, and the laundry with soapy water spilling onto the ground of the shop.

Videos of the incident were put up on Facebook.

8world News confirmed that the incident took place on Sunday evening, Sep. 10 at the self-service laundromat Mister Wash.

What happened

The chaotic scene looked almost straight out of a horror movie.

A piece of glass, which is usually affixed on the washing machine door, was no longer there.

Laundry that was still spinning in the washing machine was seen flung about.

According to the owner of the laundromat, a couple had allegedly put a piece of a playpen into the washing machine, which apparently broke the washing machine's glass door.

Eyewitness account

An eyewitness who posted the videos on Facebook said she was near the laundromat when she suddenly heard two loud sounds of glass breaking.

When she walked to the laundromat to check out what happened, she saw soapy water all over the floor and glass shards "flying around".

The washing machine, which can take a 16kg load, was still in operation even though the door was broken.

She said it was fortunate that it was close to mealtime and that no one was near the machine.

The eyewitness said the people who saw what happened thought the object inside the washing machine was a stroller, but it turned out to be a piece of a playpen.

The object, entangled with laundry, was seen falling onto the ground at one point.

Washing machine users tried to turn power off

The eyewitness said the two persons who attempted to turn off the washing machine appeared proficient in English.

The man was on the phone and was attempting to turn off the washing machine's power switch.

The eyewitness questioned why the two people who are apparently sensible-sounding had placed a hard object in the washing machine.

Couple apparently told eyewitness not to take video

The couple who were the ones using the washing machine that broke had apparently requested the eyewitness to delete the videos of the incident that she had taken.

The eyewitness added that had the couple not step forward to request those at the scene to stop filming, no one would have known it was their belongings in the washing machine.

The eyewitness also said she told the other woman that putting a baby pram inside the washing machine was very dangerous, but the woman argued and corrected her that it was a baby playpen.

Slippery with glass shards

As to why the eyewitness and others did not attempt to stop the washing machine by switching it off, the eyewitness clarified that the floor was slippery at that time and broken glass was everywhere.

Moreover, the other people who were around were the elderly, and the eyewitness was carrying a baby with her at that time.

"It was really scary at the scene. The glass shards were flying everywhere. If you cut your eyes or severe your artery, the consequences would be disastrous. I really don't want any accidents to happen," she added, according to 8world News, quoting Noodou, a Malaysia online site.

8world News also reported that the owner of the unit was in talks with the laundromat business owner to assess damages, which have not been confirmed.

The laundromat is still open and the other washing machines are operational.

All media via Olivia Law