Tan Kin Lian threatens to sue content creators if they don't remove 'defamatory' posts


Julia Yee | September 13, 2023, 11:34 AM



Tan Kin Lian has issued a warning to content creators who supposedly caused "serious damage to [his] reputation".

In one of his hallmark talking head videos dated Sep. 11, Tan threatened the creators with legal action, should they not take down the "malicious" content about him.


In the video titled "Warning", Tan called out several content creators who made content on social media that "deliberately and maliciously" insulted and defamed him.

Revealing that his friends had taken screenshots of the "malicious and harmful" content, the former presidential candidate then went on to "advise" these creators to take down such content immediately.

He did not name the content creators.

When Mothership asked Tan to elaborate on the specifics of the "malicious" content, he declined, saying that he was in talks with his lawyer.

Financial punishment

Tan threatened that should the defamatory posts still linger on the internet, he will send a lawyer's letter to the relevant creators.

In the legal document, Tan is going to demand an apology and ask for the creator not to repeat their "harmful actions".

He wants this message to be broadcast to all of the creator's audience.

Tan also stated that he would ask the creator to foot the bill for his legal fees.

If said creator does not accede to his requests, Tan indicated that he would see them in court.

"If I succeed [in court], the damages will be in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars," he warned.

For those content creators who have "hidden their identity", Tan intends to find them and increase the "damages" according to the "trouble [he] has taken".


The former presidential candidate's quest to quell negative perceptions of him has been an ongoing one, ever since he found himself embroiled in the "pretty girls" scandal, which he claimed to be a "smear campaign" against him.

Even in the wake of the PE2023, Tan can't seem to catch a break.

In a Facebook post made on Sep. 12, Tan addressed speculations that his recent posts on Forest City were paid promotions.

"A few malicious people, with malicious intent, passed malicious remarks that I received a commission for promoting Forest City, that I am acting as a property agent and other insulting remarks.

It is deplorable of these people to cast these aspersions. It shows their low character. They will be sued for defamation and will then learn an expensive lesson."

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