Former M'sian minister Syed Saddiq congratulates Tharman on 'historic victory'

He sees Singapore and Malaysia as "family".

Brenda Khoo | September 02, 2023, 12:53 PM

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Prominent Malaysian politician Syed Saddiq has congratulated President-elect Tharman Shanmugaratnam for his "decisive win" and "historic victory".

His congratulatory message on Instagram on Sep. 2 read,

"Congratulations, President Tharman Shanmugaratnam, on your historic victory!

Your decisive win has truly united Singaporeans, transcending race, religion & Politics."

On Sep. 1, Tharman won the election with a landslide 70.4 per cent victory as Singapore's next president.

'Unbreakable bond of family'

The President of the Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (MUDA) and Member of Parliament for Muar expressed his hope that Tharman will "strengthen the unbreakable bond of 'family'" between Singapore and Malaysia.

He said:

"May you continue to strengthen the unbreakable bond of “family” between our two countries that has stood the test of time.

Two nations bound by shared history, values and the pursuit for peace & prosperity in this region."

He included three facts about Tharman for his Malaysian audience:

  • Tharman's "decisive victory" of over 1.75 million votes, "the largest ever secured by a Presidential candidate" in Singapore's history.
  • Tharman's marriage to Chinese-Japanese Jane Yumiko Ittogi: a "unity in diversity".
  • Tharman's "avid sportsman" background.

Syed Saddiq ended his post with a light-hearted question: "Can you jump like Tharman?" Syed Saddiq was referring to an old photo of Tharman competing in a hurdles event.

You can view his full post here:

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