SMRT staff at Buona Vista MRT station help lost girl, 10, go home close to midnight

Warms the heart.

Hannah Martens | September 01, 2023, 10:39 AM



Two SMRT staff went above and beyond when a 10-year-old girl ended up lost at Buona Vista MRT station.

Speaking to Mothership, assistant station manager Syahril Hosaini shared how he and his colleague, station ambassador Vasaki, brought the girl home to her doorstep after they found out she was lost.

On Aug. 25 at around 9pm, the girl approached the passenger service centre, where Syahril and Vasaki attended to her.

The girl was trying to get back home, but she ended up off her usual route.

The girl had a phone on her, but Syahril said the phone was only at 5 per cent charge and it was "draining fast".

They tried to charge her phone, but it was apparently an old phone, so he knew it would not work and "time was ticking fast and it was late at night".

"While trying to establish a clearer picture of the situation, both [me] and Vasaki offered [to take] her to a nearby McDonald's outlet, but she declined as she was only focusing on returning home," he said.

Syahril shared that the girl's parents were overseas, and her older sister was uncontactable at that point, so he was only able to contact the girl's cousin.

Got a Grab back for them

In order to make sure the girl reached home safely, Syahril and Vasaki booked a Grab ride for her.

The two even accompanied her all the way to her front door, which Syahril said was about 4km away.

When the girl was safely inside her home, Syharil texted the girl's elder cousin that she was back home.

The pair dropped her off at around 11:39pm and they returned back to Buona Vista MRT station by public transport.

"That incident was heartwarming in the end," Syahril told Mothership. "We just had this thinking to get her home safe."

In response to Mothership, head of Circle Line Ng Chan Cheok, shared that they are “proud of our station staff who went beyond the call of duty and worked as a team to assist the young girl”.

This was not the first time Syahril and Vasaki helped those in need at Buona Vista MRT station.

In April 2023, Syahril and Vasaki found a lost dog and looked after it while they attempted to contact its owner.

The dog, which escaped from its house, was found by SMRT staff at Buona Vista, and they brought the pup into their office to care for it before the owner came to pick it up.

Top photos via Syahril Hosaini