Several Scoot passengers land in Xi'an before airline tells them luggage not on board

Their baggage were 're-accomodated' due to bad weather.

Joshua Lee | September 16, 2023, 04:09 PM


Some Scoot passengers flying from Singapore to Xi'an were left without their luggage when they landed on Sep. 15.

As it turns out, the airline had to remove some baggage due to "unusually strong headwinds that impacted the performance of the aircraft prior to its scheduled departure".

The flight in question was TR134.

It took off from Changi Airport 35 minutes behind schedule on evening of Sep. 14.

Affected passengers were informed about the situation only upon arrival in Xi'an at 1:30am on Sep. 15.

The airline did not say how many passengers were affected.

However, one passenger told The Straits Times that there were 30 passengers enquiring at the airport in Xi'an.

This particular passenger told the paper that she spent time waiting at the baggage carousel before she was told that her luggage wouldn't be arriving that day.

She said she was "very unhappy" about the situation and wished that the airline had informed her about it sooner.

Scoot said the affected baggage would be placed on the next TR134 flight to Xi'an.

It is scheduled to depart Singapore on Saturday, Sep. 16 and touch down in the early hours of Sep. 17.

Scoot has arranged for the baggage to be delivered to the passengers' accommodation destinations.

The airline said such a measure, re-accommodating baggage due to extreme weather, is rare.

It apologised for the inconvenience caused and promised to continue assisting affected customers.

Top image credit: Wikipedia.