Customers pay S$840 instead of S$84 via credit card, Geylang restaurant looking to make refund

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Winnie Li | September 22, 2023, 02:44 PM



Fok Lok Kee Private Kitchen, a restaurant in Geylang that specialises in Sichuan cuisine, is looking for two female customers who were accidentally charged S$840 for their S$84 meal on Sep. 20, 2023.

According to a Facebook post put up by the eatery on Sep. 22, the accidental excess charge took place after its staff mistakenly keyed in an extra zero on the POS (Point of Sale) machine for the bill.

The accompanying photos uploaded by the restaurant revealed that the two patrons paid their bill with a credit card at around 9pm on Wednesday.

However, the restaurant said it had no idea how to contact them, as the two women were first-time customers.

In the comments section of another post by the restaurant in the Hawkers United - Daobao 2020 Facebook page, the restaurant also shared that as the two customers did not return to the restaurant after an entire day, it had contacted its POS provider in hopes of helping to arrange a partial refund.

However, as the POS provider is unable to identify the bank that issued the credit card used for now, the restaurant is still waiting for the POS provider to check on the feasibility of the partial refund.

Top images via Fok Lok Kee Private Kitchen/Facebook