Small rock randomly drops on BMW car along PIE & breaks windscreen

Fortunately, the driver was not injured by the incident.

Winnie Li | September 25, 2023, 04:37 PM



A 51-year-old man was driving his BMW vehicle along the PIE (Pan-Island Expressway) towards Bukit Batok Ave 6 on Sep. 18, 2023, when a rock suddenly fell onto his windscreen, causing an extensive crack near the driver's seat.

Image via Lee

The unusual scene was captured by the dashcam inside the vehicle and shared with Mothership by the man's daughter, surnamed Lee.

Not sure where the rock came from

According to the clip, a small rock fell onto senior Lee's vehicle at around 4:40pm last Monday while he was driving under a flyover.

Video via Lee

However, it remained unclear where exactly the rock fell from.

As a result of the impact, the windscreen glass immediately shattered, leaving tiny pieces of glass shards all over the front panel of the vehicle.

Another video provided by Lee showed that glass shards could also be found all over the passenger's seats in both the front and back rows.

Screenshot via Lee

Screenshot via Lee

Fortunately, the driver was not injured by the incident, even though his family found some glass shards in his hair and clothes afterwards.

As for the cost of replacing the windscreen, Lee revealed to Mothership that the family would be claiming the amount from their insurance company, which is estimated to be more than S$300.

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