PAB rider 'rushes out' of alley & collides with car in Yishun, demands S$5,300 compensation

Many said that the rider was in the wrong. Others said the driver was moving too fast.

Joshua Lee | September 13, 2023, 02:03 PM


A man riding a power-assisted bicycle (PAB) demanded over S$5,000 in compensation after he had a collision with a car in Yishun.

The incident, which took place in the early hours of Sep. 11, occurred at an industrial estate in Yishun.

Footage of the incident was uploaded by SG Road Vigilante.

The person who sent the footage claimed that the PAB rider "rushed out" of an alley without a helmet and "headlight wasn't on".

The collision happened in a split second.

From the footage, the driver was driving along a road in an industrial compound.

As the car approached a junction with a smaller alley, the power-assisted bicycle (PAB) suddenly hurtled into the road.

The two collided, and the rider, who was not wearing a helmet, was flung off the bike.

The rider rolled to his feet, losing a slipper in the process.

He then approached the car before the footage was cut.

A subsequent screenshot of a WhatsApp message was also shared by SG Road Vigilante.

In it, the rider allegedly demanded S$5,300 in compensation, with the expenses broken down into:

  • bike: S$1,500
  • phone: S$1,800
  • loss of income: S$2,00o

Responses online were overwhelmingly in favour of not compensating the rider.

Many people felt that the rider was wrong as he did not observe traffic rules.

Others pointed out that the driver was going too fast. From the dashcam footage, the car was travelling at 36km/h.

It is unclear if this particular stretch of road has a speed limit, but typically, HDB car parks have a speed limit of 15km/h.

Many advised the driver to submit the footage to the police and let them handle the matter.

Mothership understands that the driver has lodged a police report.

You can view the full video here:

All images: SG Road Vigilante.