S'pore man, 60, sends S$15,000 to masseuse, 42, files police report after she refuses to pay back

The masseuse denied that she and Wu were ever in a relationship or that she owed him money.

Winnie Li | September 14, 2023, 07:09 PM



A 60-year-old Singaporean retiree, who sent S$15,000 to a masseuse, subsequently filed a police report after she allegedly refused to pay him back.

What happened

The man, surnamed Wu (transliteration from Mandarin), told Shin Min Daily News that he met the 42-year-old masseuse, who came from China, when visiting a massage parlour in Chinatown in 2019.

"At the time, she wasn't making much sales. I felt sorry for her, so I would visit the parlour frequently to support her. Every week, I would patronise the parlour at least twice or thrice. Over the course of a month, I spent more than S$1,000 to help her with her sales," recounted Wu.

According to Wu, he and the masseuse began dating in 2020.

At the time, Wu was married but had separated from his wife for many years.

The masseuse also had a family, and she only filed for a divorce after the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, shared Wu.

Nevertheless, Wu and the masseuse became intimate over the course of their relationship, and he also gifted her items amounting to nearly S$20,000.

These items included diamond rings, necklaces, and furniture after she moved into her new place, claimed Wu.

Masseuse asked Wu for money

After the pandemic broke out, the masseuse returned to China in 2021, but the pair kept in touch and would always video-call each other.

As the masseuse was unemployed at the time, Wu said she asked him for money and promised to pay him back after returning to Singapore and securing a new job.

Subsequently, Wu transferred nearly S$15,000 to her through a remittance company on five separate occasions between May 2021 and April 2022, Shin Min reported Wu as saying.

"I only lent her the money because I trusted her," emphasised Wu.

According to Wu, it took the masseuse another 18 months before she returned to Singapore in September 2022.

"At the time, I went to the airport to pick her up and booked her a hotel as her temporary residence. Her new employer was a parlour located near Ang Mo Kio. After she complained to me that she had to work till very late and her new job was very tiring, I would also buy a bowl of tonic soup for her every week," shared Wu.

Masseuse cut him off

However, little did he know that the masseuse would cut him off completely in December 2022.

While Wu had no issues not remaining friends with the masseuse, he believed she should return the money he transferred her:

"The S$20,000 which I spent on her while we were dating was voluntary. However, the S$15,000 that I transferred to her later was on a loan basis. When I asked her when she would return the amount, she told me that 'people will always change' and refused to pay me back."

Wu said he had also filed a police report after the masseuse, who he described as "ungrateful", told him to do so.

Masseuse denied she dated Wu or owed him money

In response, the masseuse denied that she and Wu were ever in a relationship.

She claimed that she and Wu were only close friends but admitted that Wu had initially tried to pursue her.

However, she said the pair had cleared the air last December, and she has since blacklisted Wu's contact.

Additionally, the masseuse also denied that she ever owed Wu money:

"How can I pay back the S$15,000 if I had never received the amount? If he has evidence [to show this is the case], we can settle this matter face-to-face. He asked me for money and harassed me out of the blue. Besides telling my boss, he also left comments on my work Facebook page accusing me of owing him money. It was only after my colleagues spoke to him that he deleted his comments."

The masseuse revealed that she had also lodged a police report and would leave the matter to the police.

Top image via Shin Min Daily News