S’porean man, 36, gets 2 weeks’ jail for shouting he’s ‘God’ with S’pore flag as cape in Hougang

He commited the offences a day after he was released from jail for making a scene at the same Hougang coffee shop.

Winnie Li | September 22, 2023, 12:53 AM



A 36-year-old Singaporean man was given two weeks' jail on Sep. 21, 2023, after he went around a coffee shop in Hougang proclaiming to patrons that he was God while wearing a Singapore flag like a cape.

What happened

Court documents revealed that the man, Roy Ravi Jaganathan, left his flat and went to Block 682 Hougang Ave 8 nearby on the morning of Sep. 5.

Ravi was dressed in a green T-shirt and wore Bermuda shorts over a pair of track pants.

Additionally, he draped a Singapore flag over his shoulders and tied it below his neck, wearing the flag like a cape.

To complete the look, he also placed a blue towel over his head and wore a cap.

Subsequently, Ravi arrived at the HDB block at about 8:30am and walked towards a coffee shop where he began shouting at its patrons.

He went from table to table, shouting and proclaiming that he was God.

At times, Ravi also ranted incoherently and intentionally lifted his T-shirt to expose his torso to the patrons.

Many people called the police

The Singapore Police Force received multiple calls about his acts.

Following the calls, several police officers arrived at the HDB block and quickly located Ravi, who was still shouting and harassing patrons at the coffee shop.

When the officers led Ravi aside and advised him to keep the peace, he only persisted with his behaviour and kept shouting.

Ravi was eventually placed under arrest at about 9:00am.

Not Ravi's first time causing public nuisance

This was not the first time Ravi was sent to jail for making a scene at coffee shops in the Hougang area.

On Sep. 4, 2023, he was sentenced to one week and 15 days in jail for public nuisance and using abusive words against a public servant in July 2023.

According to charge sheets, he shouted aggressively and gestured with an umbrella at the people around him on Jul. 18 at a coffee shop at Block 681 Hougang Ave 8.

He also shouted at people at a coffee shop at Block 682 Hougang Ave 4 on Jul. 29.

On the same day, he used vulgarities on a police officer, and used his legs to push another while he was being arrested.

Court records reveal he had been remanded for a month and five days before the sentencing for his July offences on Sep. 4.

This means he would have been released from jail on the same day and committed his current spate of offences the next day.

He is also believed to be released from jail on the same day of sentencing, Sep. 21, for the September offences, as court records show that he had been in remand for 16 days, which is longer than his imprisonment sentence of two weeks.

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