Woman in M'sia given hand drawn RM20 notes in wedding angpao


Syahindah Ishak | Hannah Martens | September 12, 2023, 07:41 PM



A Malaysian woman was left stunned when counting the money given by her guests at her wedding — one of them handed over two hand-drawn RM20 (S$5.83) notes.

The woman shared a video on TikTok on Sep. 11 where she showed off all her money and then the two hand-drawn notes.

Found the notes while counting the money

The woman shared that she discovered the two notes while she was counting the money she received.

In the video, she showed all the legitimate Malaysian ringgit she counted before panning down to the very obviously drawn notes.

Photo via TikTok

"Is this a new currency? Some people’s minds are so advanced. Always thought that empty angpaos are bad, but this is worse," she wrote in the video.

In her caption, she jokingly asked how much could she get from the bank if the deposited the counterfeit notes.

@jihaaaa98agak2 bawak ke bank negara dapat berapa ya? 😆😆♬ DJ AYAM PARGOY - Breaks Music Group

Some found it funny

Some in the comment section found humour in her predicament, while others praised the creativity of the person who drew the notes.

One comment told her to keep the notes and “do an art exhibition” as another gave the drawing a five-star rating.

Screenshot via TikTok

Screenshot via TikTok

However, others in the comment section told the woman to “fix [her] intention”.

”You shouldn’t have a wedding banquet expecting the guests to give you their money. DO it because you’re sincere in giving,” one comment wrote.

Screenshot via TikTok

Another pointed out that the person who gifted the hand-drawn notes may not have been able to spare the money but could have felt bad for not giving anything.

Screenshot via TikTok

Top photos via TikTok/Jihaaaaa11