5 things S’poreans should get to make their house into a home

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| Sulaiman Daud | Sponsored | September 04, 2023, 06:44 PM

Moving to a new house, especially if you happen to be upgrading, is one of the most significant life changes one can experience.

There’s the bittersweet pangs of leaving behind a home with many fond memories.

At the same time, there’s excitement about going somewhere new, exploring new surroundings and settling into a new environment.

But how does one make a house a home?

A little retail therapy wouldn’t hurt.

Picking out fancy new things for your humble abode has been human instinct for thousands of years, from mud huts to wooden cabins to castles made of stone.

Something to make chores easier, or just to make the place look prettier.

The right object in the right spot could make a world of difference.

Whether you’ve just received your keys or are looking to do a makeover, here are five things from IMM in Jurong East you should get to transform your house into a cozy home.

1. Mattresses

Singaporeans aren’t getting enough sleep, or so a 2022 YouGov survey tells us.

Only 27 per cent get the recommended seven plus hours of sleep per night, which can’t be good if you have a long day of work ahead of you.

When it comes to achieving quality sleep, one significant factor is a high-quality mattress. The absence of a sturdy foundation can disrupt your entire night's rest.

But given the abundance of mattress shops and options available in Singapore, pinpointing the right place to explore can prove to be a challenging task. It might be good to go to a place with lots of options.

IMM shopping centre has a wide range of stores that offer mattresses for sale, like Sealy Sleep Boutique (#03-05) and Unisprings (#03-03). But I’d like to highlight the SLEEPNIGHT Mattress Boutique (#03-53).

It provides a range of mattresses that incorporate advanced coil technology and multi-layered support systems, all designed to provide your back with an unparalleled sleep experience.

SLEEPNIGHT’s selection encompasses a diverse array of mattresses, catering to various needs including cooling properties and enhanced support, allowing you to find the perfect bed fit for you.

Image from SLEEPNIGHT Mattress Boutique

That’s not all.

The Canterbury Queen Size Mattress will be available at S$1,199 (U.P.: S$2,599) thanks to SLEEPNIGHT’s sale, located at Level 1 Atrium (near Customer Service Counter) from Sep. 4 to 10.

2. Comfy sheets

Once you get your bed and mattress set up, you may be looking for something to complete the entire ensemble.

That’s where bed sheets come in.

There is absolutely nothing like sliding under the covers at the end of a long day, with freshly-washed, freshly-aired sheets that feels like clouds on your skin.

Image from EUROTEX Outlet.

To find the sheets that will send you off to slumberland, check out EUROTEX Outlet (#02-67), a home furnishing outlet.

It offers both fitted sheets and quilt covers, along with a range of other products.

And if you have kids, they may be interested in sheets printed with cute and colourful characters from Disney, Sanrio and even Pokémon.

Image from EUROTEX Outlet.

The good news? EUROTEX is holding a sale at Level 2 Atrium (near Lobby A), offering up to 75 per cent off bed sheets, from Sep. 4 to 10.

3. Blackout curtains

But beyond the mattresses and bed sheets, what do you do if you’re a light sleeper?

There’s nothing worse than having no work tomorrow, but being abruptly woken up in the early hours of the morning by the bright, shining Singapore sun.

Enter blackout curtains.

Made of heavy material, these curtains ensure no light gets through and disturbs your hard-earned rest, allowing you to rise only when you are fully rested.

Blackout curtains can be found in most home retail stores, like H M Gallery Outlet at IMM (#02-59).

It even has a current promotion of 20 per cent off for blackout curtains, so you can sleep more soundly.

Image from H M Gallery outlet.

4. Air fryer

When I was a kid growing up, my cooking skills were limited to either the microwave or the toaster oven. I was barred from using the oven, lest I somehow start a wildfire.

This meant that if I wanted something deliciously deep-fried (and we’ve all been there), I would have to buy it from outside.

But in recent years, my family has acquired an amazing new invention.

Known as an air-fryer, this magical device somehow makes food crispy and delicious even though no hot oil is involved in the process, just hot air.

I have no idea how such a machine works, I just know that it does. And just like a microwave, it works by just pushing a few buttons. Easy, fast, and tasty.

If you’re looking for your own air-fryer, you can get one from the Mayer Outlet (#02-66) at IMM.

Mayer is the place for kitchen and home appliances, and even shower heaters, air purifiers and ovens. If you’ve been thinking of replacing your old appliances, here’s your chance.

Image from Mayer Outlet.

Get up to 70 per cent off selected appliances at Mayer’s atrium sale, located at Level 1 Atrium (near Food Kiosks) from Sep. 4 to 10. You can even get an additional 10 per cent off for built-in appliances.

There’s even a promotion to mix-and-match two selected* Mayer items for S$58 or S$89.

*While stocks last.

5. Sweet scents

The environment in your home could always be made better with a puff of sweet scent.

There’s a variety of products you can get for your home so you can get that additional oomph – ranging from scented candles, diffusers, essential oils to room mists.

Whether it’s something spicy and exciting, or sweet and mellow, a small bottle of scent can do wonders to lift the spirits and improve a session of quiet downtime.

Read a book, watch a video or play a game in enhanced comfort.

To IMM we go

In case you haven’t noticed already, there is a theme of sorts in this list.

No matter what stage of your life, and really, no matter where you stay in Singapore, IMM is a place where you can meet almost every household need.

With the amazing Roadshow Special Promotion, from Sep. 4 to 10, 2023, it’s all the more reasons for you to head down to IMM to make your house as cosy and comfortable as it can be.

This is a sponsored article brought to you by IMM.

Top photo from IMM, SLEEPNIGHT Mattress Boutique and EUROTEX Outlet