Drunk driver, 25, leads 6 police vehicles on car chase along Whitley Road

He refused to stop at a roadblock.

Joshua Lee | September 25, 2023, 11:31 AM


A 25-year-old male driver was arrested following a car chase along Whitley Road in the early hours of Sep. 21.

The high-octane chase involved at least five traffic police motorcycles and a police car.

According to dashcam footage that surfaced on the internet, the car in question, a black SUV, sped along the right and centre lanes of the three-lane road.

Seconds later, traffic police motorcycles and a police car entered the frame in pursuit.

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Another video that surfaced on TikTok showed the car flipped on its side while police vehicles and an ambulance were parked nearby.

@taxiunclesingapore Car Over Turned at 1.20am on 20th of September 2023. Holland Road Towards Orchard Road. #sgaccidents #holland #uplorry #singapore #singaporetiktok #taxidriver ♬ original sound - Taxi Uncle

Car chase was brief & driver was arrested

The police told Mothership that at around 1:45am, police officers at a roadblock along Whitley Road signalled for the driver to stop.

The driver refused to comply with the officers' instructions and sped off, triggering the car chase.

The chase was brief and the driver was arrested for dangerous driving, drink driving, and evasion of roadblock.

Police investigations are ongoing.

Top images: sgf0llowsall/Instagram