Bukit Panjang woman who poured pee in neighbour's shoes now allegedly sprays soy sauce on laundry

The victim and her family said that the "neighbour from hell" refused to stop harassing them even after mediation.

Syahindah Ishak | September 25, 2023, 05:39 PM



The elderly woman previously caught on CCTV allegedly pouring urine into her neighbour's shoes has continued to harass her Bukit Panjang HDB eighth-floor neighbours.

A member of the neighbours' family, who wished to be referred to as only Nur, reached out to Mothership in early September 2023, stating that the woman refused to stop disturbing her family even after a court mediation.

The family has been living in the same house for 26 years.

While Nur has moved out of the family home, her parents and siblings still live there.

She shared that her family still faces constant harassment from the same woman, who was said to be living alone in her unit.

Many incidents

Alleged trespassing

On May 11, 2023, the woman allegedly trespassed into the family's house and shouted at Nur's mother.

A video shared by Nur showed the woman already inside the family's house, which had furniture covered in clear tarpaulin.

After a heated verbal exchange with Nur's mother, the woman left the house.

Paint on the corridor

On Jun. 1, 2023, the woman allegedly poured paint on the corridor floor outside the family's house.

The paint belonged to Nur's father, which he intended to use to paint the house.

Image courtesy of Nur.

While it was not caught on CCTV, Nur suspected the elderly woman was responsible due to a paint trail leading to her unit.

Image courtesy of Nur.

"My mom called the police, and that lady refused to open her door, so the police left," said Nur.

Soy sauce on laundry

On a few occasions in June 2022 and August 2023, the woman purportedly sprayed soy sauce on the family's laundry.

Image courtesy of Nur.

Image courtesy of Nur.

"After calling police, she denied it, even though my sister saw her hand at the window, spraying the soy sauce," Nur told Mothership.

Allegedly threw her shoe into their house

The woman was then caught on CCTV throwing her shoe into the family's home on Jun. 23, 2023.

Image courtesy of Nur.

Staring at their CCTV

She was seen standing outside the family's house on Sep. 4, 2023, staring straight into their CCTV camera.

Dirty water on shoes

Subsequently, on Sep. 7, 2023, the woman was caught pouring dirty water on the family's shoes after she had used it to clean her window.

"[The] police will knock and knock on her door whenever we report on an incident, [but] that lady won't open her door. So the police will just leave," Nur said.

Nur added that her family lodged a police report and alerted the town council.

Police investigations ongoing

In a statement to Mothership, the police confirmed that a report was lodged.

Police investigations are ongoing.

Responding to queries from Mothership, Holland-Bukit Panjang Town Council said:

"The Holland-Bukit Panjang Town Council advocates for promoting neighborly acts to create a more harmonious living environment. Good neighborliness not only enriches communities with acts of care but also fosters a sense of social responsibility within our town, spreading positivity and strength.

We wish to inform our residents that there are various channels available for residents to seek assistance. Residents can reach out to the Community Mediation Centre (CMC) at 1800-2255-529 or the Community Dispute Resolution Tribunal (CDRT) at 1800-5878423 to file a case.

We believe that by proactively addressing concerns and encouraging dialogue, we can create a safer and more inclusive community in our town."

She set up her own CCTV camera

Nur told Mothership that on Sep. 15, 2023, the woman had placed a CCTV camera in her home.

The camera had a direct view of the family's home door, claimed Nur.

Image courtesy of Nur.

Since May 2023, it is no longer required for HDB flat owners to seek approval to install corridor-facing CCTV cameras within their homes, as reported by The Straits Times.

However, the CCTV camera should not face the door or windows of another flat to safeguard the neighbours' privacy.

As they felt their privacy was breached, Nur's family pasted a newspaper on the woman's window to cover her CCTV camera.

The family also alerted the police.

"Police suggested to us to leave the newspaper as it is as [the woman] had not been home for almost one week," Nur said.

Image courtesy of Nur.

Nur's family has had their CCTV camera since 2021, but documents seen by Mothership showed that they had already gotten approval from HDB and the town council for the installation of the camera.

Has been harassing them since 2021

In 2022, Nur's brother contacted Mothership after the woman was caught pouring urine into his shoes.

Labelling her a "neighbour from hell", Nur's brother said the woman has been harassing his family since 2021.

It all began when he placed his late grandfather's shoe rack outside the unit. The woman did not allow him to do so, saying it was "her territory".

Since then, the woman would throw his things away and dirty the walkway.

Nur's brother told Mothership:

"Almost every day, she will do something stupid.

She threw our flower pots, threw our broom and dust pan, put her old junk from her house outside our unit, threw our delivery bags, and leave her bags of rubbish outside our unit."

Top images courtesy of Nur.