K-pop star BoA ambushed by 'fan' who played porn on her livestream

BoA immediately ended the stream after she realised what was going on.

Tan Min-Wei | September 16, 2023, 03:31 PM

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K-pop idol BoA has been in the business since 2000 and, laudably, still takes the time to interact with her fans live on social media, inviting them to participate in livestreams.

Took an ugly turn

But this looks like it will change from Sep. 14 onwards, or at least for the foreseeable future.

During a recent Instagram livestream, she invited participants to chat with her on the stream, with their video feeds being shown alongside hers.

It seemed innocent enough with two young boys being one of two sets of fans on the livestream.

But the stream turned ugly when the two boys started to show porn on BoA's livestream, prompting her to quickly end the stream when she realised what they were doing.


BoA held a second livestream after the incident, where she revealed how shocked and ashamed she felt for what happened on her stream.

She also said that she would no longer allow fans to join her on Instagram Live.

"I'm not going to allow anyone to join this live Instagram. I was really shocked and shamed for anyone to show such sh*tty things"


Fans were understandably upset at what happened, lamenting that their idol had been harrased on the livestream when she was trying to interact with international fans.

BoA, later summed up her feelings about the incident in a later Weverse livestream, understandably resorting to a tired 'WTF'.


Top image via @phoenicornix/twitter  & @boakwon/Instagram