K-pop group Ateez holding autograph session at SingPost Centre on Sep. 10

Should be quite crowded.

Lee Wei Lin | September 10, 2023, 11:07 AM



K-pop group Ateez will be holding an autograph session at SingPost Centre on Sep. 10.

They had a sold-out concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Sep. 9.

Photo from Ateez's Twitter

The autograph session will be facilitated by retail store House of Kpop, who picked 100 fans to attend.

According to their website, fans had to purchase at least one copy of a specific Ateez album for S$30 for a chance to win the opportunity.

Probably going to be crowded

Given that it's the weekend, and that the autograph session is taking place in a public space — the ground floor atrium of SingPost Centre — the area is probably going to be extra crowded today.

Fans of the group have already started to wait at the venue to see their idols.

If you don't like crowds, you might want to reconsider heading there today.

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Top photos from Ateez's Twitter & Lee Wei Lin