Uncle Raymond's new dating show on TikTok matches teen, 18, with woman, 44

Interesting series.

Joshua Lee | August 01, 2023, 05:23 PM



Uncle Raymond, the person who keeps moving for TikTok videos, has a new series, "If You Are The One".

Touted as a "variety dating show" of sorts, it likely takes its name from a famous Chinese dating show with the same name.

It currently has over 20 episodes.

The format is fairly straightforward: In each episode, a panel of either men or women introduce themselves before a solo contestant who decides which one she or he would date à la "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette".

Each episode begins with a disclaimer that it's purely for entertainment.

An episode typically opens with a group shot before Uncle Raymond, the host introduces the show and welcomes viewers to join their activities.

The contestants introduce themselves and talk about their ideal partner.

@raymondl88 Welcome to join 《非诚勿扰》variety dating show. #uncleraymonddatingshow #raymondmedia雷传媒 #uncleraymond #fyp #CapCut #tiktoksg🇸🇬 ♬ 原声 - Uncle Raymond

Then, a solo contestant decides which contestant of the opposite gender would be his or her ideal partner.

If there are no suitable options, they can walk away, which was what happened in episode 24:

@raymondl88 Welcome to join 《非诚勿扰》variety dating show. #raymondmedia雷传媒 #uncleraymonddatingshow #uncleraymond #非诚勿扰 #fyp #dancesg #TikTokSG #CapCut #uncle ♬ 原声 - Uncle Raymond

Sometimes it produces interesting moments like when a 44-year-old woman chose to match with an 18-year-old teen.

The teen said he likes women who are beautiful and have a "good personality".

The woman, who was looking for a guy who was "cute, smart, and caring", ultimately chose the teen from a panel of three.

@raymondl88 #raymondmedia雷传媒 #非诚勿扰#uncleraymond #fyp #dancesg Thanks for meeting. Be happy. Let’s move. @Alpha @SylveonZavier26 @aegonstiktok @angelhoo77 ♬ 原声 - Uncle Raymond

We don't know for sure if the couples do go on to become an item, but at the very least, Uncle Raymond said the series is an opportunity for contestants to improve their "language skills, interpersonal communication skills and personal confidence”.

Even though the show is in Mandarin, it is open to anyone to join and "pursue their happiness".

Details of upcoming shoots can be in each episode's comments section.

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Images via @raymondl88/TikTok.