Shiny head & pilot pens, Tharman explains all in TikTok video

The light pattern looks familiar.

Brenda Khoo | August 22, 2023, 11:43 AM

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Presidential hopeful Tharman Shanmugaratnam has finally revealed the "mystery" of the "Singapore flag" on his head, following the questions of some curious Singaporeans.

Tharman and his wife, Jane Ittogi, were answering some questions and comments posed by netizens in a TikTok video, which was also shared as an Instagram video reel on Aug. 16.

Social media users have posted comments like, "I am really sorry but for the entire 6 mins... my eyes were on his head."

"I happen to have a head that reflects light quite well," quipped Tharman in response.

"And when I sit in Parliament with all the lights, it often forms an interesting pattern on my head. This one happens to be the crescent with five stars."

Another social media user even joked that Tharman looked like the character Krillin from the Japanese manga and anime series, Dragon Ball.

"I always carry a Pilot pen"

In another comment, someone's keen eyes also spotted Tharman carrying a Pilot pen wherever he goes, and wondered if this was some kind of a sponsorship for the popular pen brand.

"I always carry a Pilot pen. In fact, I'm not giving an advertisement, but it's Pilot G-2 0.7," Tharman replied.

Tharman also added that he also carries a few pieces of paper in his pocket to write down things that people tell him when he walks around in town.

You can see the video below:

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