Massive supermoon appears over S'pore following fiery sunset at dusk on Aug. 1, 2023

Once in a blue moon celestial phenomenon.

Belmont Lay | August 02, 2023, 01:19 AM



The first of two supermoons in August 2023 -- the Sturgeon Moon -- was highly visible from Singapore on Tuesday night, Aug. 1.

The Science Centre Observatory said the Sturgeon Moon is the "second closest supermoon" to Earth in 2023.

The closest will be the Blue Moon, which will rise at the end of the month on Aug. 31.

The Sturgeon Moon was at its highest point in the sky at 1am on Wednesday.

Fiery sunset

This celestial phenomenon brought out the photographers before evening time, with many treated to a fiery sunset at dusk, making it a feast for the lenses.

via Quek Song Chye

via Quek Song Chye

via Quek Song Chye

via Farzanah Kanaan

via Farzanah Kanaan

Supermoon photo opportunities

And that was just the appetiser.

The appearance of the supermoon gave photographers here a run for their money -- with the chance to frame once in a blue moon shots.

And many did not miss the opportunity -- with some serendipity involved, but mostly achieved through patience, artistic eye, and technical know-how.

via Vishal Srivastava

via WongWah Kean

via Koh Lye Huat

via Alex Goh

via Tan Sharon

via Quek Song Chye

For those who cannot get enough of gazing at the sky, you are in for a treat this month.

The Perseid meteor shower will occur on Aug. 12 and 13, peaking from 4am.

The Persied is the best meteor shower of the year, according to NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration).

Top photos via Quek Song Chye & Koh Lye Huat