M'sian singer Masya Masyitah criticised for not wearing tudung in Barbie-inspired photos

"Your mind has to be stronger than your feelings," the singer captioned the photos.

Julia Yee | August 01, 2023, 03:42 PM

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Malaysian singer Masya Masyitah stirred up some dissent after posting a series of Barbie-inspired photos on Instagram.

Clad in a pink jacket, skirt, and thigh-high platform boots, the 23-year-old celebrity posed alongside a matching Audi car.

The photos garnered many naysayers in the comments, who took offence that Masya was not wearing a tudung and leaving her dyed-pink hair exposed.


While some of the singer's fans were supportive and praised her look, others slammed her for her unveiled head, threatening to unfollow her.

A couple of people voiced their "disappointment" in the pop star, indicating that she had strayed from the "right path".

Masya appeared aware of the possible backlash her post would attract, as she captioned the photos: "Your mind has to be stronger than your feelings.”

Controversy over older posts

The winner of the second season of the 2014 Ceria Popstar competition is no stranger to harsh comments about her outfit choices.

In a recent Instagram post made sometime in July 2023, Masya uploaded the photos of her playing badminton in a hoodie that left part of her neck bare.

One commenter remarked that they used to like Masya when she dressed more modestly, but didn't know what happened to make the star change her style.

In June 2023, Masya received angry comments for modelling in a Japanese schoolgirl outfit with stockings that didn't fully cover her thighs.

Previously, another post featuring the singer in a street-style outfit also had her more conservative followers condemning her.

One person blamed foreign and Western influences for "normalising" such dressing habits among the younger generation.

All images via Masya Masyitah's Instagram