Up to 13% increase in school bus fares from Jan 2024: MOE

Parents, take note.

Brenda Khoo | August 24, 2023, 05:52 PM

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School bus fares are increasing. Again.

From Jan., 2024, school bus operators will be allowed to increase the pricing cap of school bus fares by up to 13 per cent, the Ministry of Education (MOE) announced in a press release.

The pricing cap of school bus fares was just adjusted by 7 per cent at the start of this year.

According to MOE, the increase in fares will assist school bus services to manage rising operating costs and support the sustainability of these services.

"With the continued rising cost pressures experienced by school bus operators, further adjustment to the school bus fares in 2024 would be necessary."

Parents and guardians will be informed of any revisions to the bus fares from Sep., 2023. This is to allow parents and guardians to plan their child's or ward's transport arrangements in advance in 2024.

Primary school students who are currently on the MOE Financial Assistance Scheme will receive school bus subsidies that cover 65 per cent of their monthly school bus fares.

The subsidy level was raised from 60 per cent to 65 per cent in Jan., 2023.

Students who need more financial support can approach their schools for school-based financial assistance.

MOE will continue to monitor the situation, and work closely with schools and bus operators to ensure that school bus services can continue their operations.

Top image by SK Santhosh from Volvobuses website.