Ng Kok Song: People booing him at nomination centre were 'vocal minority', silent majority is what matters

One of the reasons why Ng believes a physical rally is "not necessary".

Winnie Li | August 22, 2023, 05:57 PM



The people who were booing and shouting at the nomination centre on Aug. 22, 2023, were a "vocal minority", said presidential candidate Ng Kok Song.

He was responding to questions from the media during a doorstop interview at Block 475A Upper Serangoon Crescent, after submitting his nomination papers and qualifying for the 2023 Presidential Election.

According to the former GIC chief investment officer, the HDB block is built on the "exact spot" where he was born and where he lived with his 10 siblings, as well as his parents, in the past.

Prior to the doorstop, Ng knelt down and later claimed he kissed the spot where he was born.

Hecklers are a "vocal minority"

During his thank you speech at the nomination centre, some hecklers could be heard booing and loudly dismissing Ng's words.

When reporters asked whether he found the booing "overwhelming", Ng replied that the shouting was by what he deemed a "vocal minority".

Instead, what mattered to him was the "silent majority" who had "gone home" earlier.

Ng's campaign strategy

Moving forward, Ng shared that he intends to reach out to more Singaporeans by hosting an "online seminar" where people can tune in and ask him any questions they might have.

The booing and shouting factors into this decision.

Furthermore, he added that this is more effective than physical rallies.

"Physical rallies are not necessary. In this modern times, with social media, I can reach thousands, millions of Singaporeans, especially the younger generation, at home, at their computers, [and via] their mobile phones.

I don't need a physical rally [as there will be] a lot of shouting, maybe some booing. I want to reach Singaporeans in their times of silence when they are looking at their phones. That is what is going to help me in this campaign to overcome my disadvantage of not being a government-endorsed candidate."

Ng also revealed that another strategy he had for his campaign was for Singaporeans to get to know more about his fiancée, Sybil Lau.

He said the couple is making "good progress" in coming forward and telling their "true story".

In a previous interview with Mothership, Lau shared her thoughts on the "free Sybil" memes sparked by her speech at the Elections Department on Jul. 19, the day Ng announced his intention to run for the presidency.

Lau said that she and Ng found the reactions "hilarious".

She revealed that she had been "a very private person" all her life and that Ng's decision to run for the presidency came as a shock to her.


On Aug. 22, Ng was officially declared a nominee to run in the upcoming Presidential Election, alongside Tharman Shanmugaratnam and Tan Kin Lian.

At the media doorstop following his nomination, Ng shared that he would be "going all out" starting this afternoon, as he was "disadvantaged" for never being in the political limelight.

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