S'pore bride & groom, both 26, wed at West Coast McDonald's because they're lovin' it

Lovin' it.

Julia Yee | August 02, 2023, 06:58 PM



When they got engaged, Elson Tong and Yong Yong Qing, both 26, knew that they wanted an unconventional wedding ceremony.

Scouting about for a place that spoke to their youthful hearts, the couple soon settled on a location that would have the more "cultured" among us rolling their eyes — McDonald's.


Tong and Yong met in junior college in 2015, and have been together for about seven years.

Tong works in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while Yong holds a senior associate position at Changi Airport Group.

Speaking with Mothership, Yong mused about their origin story, sharing that they first crossed paths while studying at the same cafe where a mutual friend introduced them.

Nothing much came out of their first meeting, but when fate brought them together again soon after, Yong found an ingenious way to make sparks fly.

"We didn’t continue the conversation after we parted, but we happened to meet again in Starbucks two weeks later, and I bribed him with candy to start texting me," Yong laughed.

The rest, as they say, is history.

After half a year of planning from December 2021, Tong proposed to Yong in June 2022.


The pair wanted a wedding ceremony that reflected their personalities.

"We selected a chill and fun environment where our close friends and family could have fun and dress comfortably," said Yong.

She added that they also had an outdoor and garden theme in mind for the solemnisation.

After deliberating over several cafes, the duo decided that the West Coast Park McDonald's was the most ideal setting for their big day.

"Our families were a bit surprised at first but they quickly warmed up to the idea and were supportive. They also enjoyed the casual and intimate setting of the ceremony," Yong shared.

With help from their family and friends, the couple took on the arduous task of wedding planning sans professional help.

The whole thing took about two months and cost S$2,000.

On Jul. 19, 2023, surrounded by 55 loved ones and beneath a roof adorned with burgers, fries, and apple pies, Yong's dad walked her down the aisle for one of the biggest events of her life.

Of course, McDonald’s fare was served.

"The guests could order anything they wanted. They sent their orders to us in advance and we relayed it to the McDonald’s manager who kindly helped us to ensure everything was prepared, even though it was her day off on that day."

The wedding guests sang praises of the McDonald's staff, remarking that they helped "in any way they could" with the cleaning, decorations, and cordoning off the venue.


While the ceremony provided the couple with enough memories to last a lifetime, Yong revealed that they're still planning to host a more ordinary banquet next year.

"Out of respect for our elders, we'll be holding the tea ceremony and banquet in 2024. This McDonald’s ceremony was a smaller gathering for close friends and family, and we also didn’t accept any ang baos from the attendees as it was our little gift to them."

Nevertheless, the couple remain ardent fans of McDonald's, and find themselves gravitating back towards its golden arches whenever they crave a fast food fix.

Yong's favourite picks of the menu include the McSpicy, Spicy McNuggets, and Hash Brown.

Tong is more keen on the Buttermilk Crispy Chicken and Double McSpicy.

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